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Danila Tomassetti – Italy / piano

Cenacolo has given me the possibility of paying for my studies with Prof. Mazzoccante with a scholarship. That was so useful that I could, at the same time, attend the piano course free of charge and improve my skills as a teacher. Moreover, during the 3 years spent there I also had the fantastic opportunity of meeting professors from all over the world and working with them to create a wide vision of different piano schools and techniques. Prof. Mazzoccante really trusts in each of us!! 




Fabrizio Ferrari – Italy / piano

The Academy is situated in a wonderful place surrounded by nature, which is ideal for concentration on studies and devoting yourself to the instrument and music. Thanks to the team of the Academy and personally to Maestro, Giuliano Mazzoccante, for the events organized and opportunities created in order to help me pave my way. 




Andrea Biamonte – Italy / piano

The Academy of the "Cenacolo della Musica - International School " offers education and development of musical skills up to 360 degrees, as well as a variety of events, concerts and master-classes mostly with professors of the highest international caliber.

In addition to the breathtaking views of the Italian most beautiful mountains , the Academy guarantees the possibility of intensive, serene and effective studies.



Cristiano D’Urbano – Italy / piano

The Cenacolo della Musica is a unique and innovative project that combines enthusiasm to share experiences among young musicians with the quality and professionalism of the lessons taught by teachers of the highest artistic profile. Proud and honored to be part of this special family!



Lorenzo Miceli – Italy / piano

“Cenacolo della Musica” is a really great academy where you have an opportunity to study with excellent teachers from all around the world, to play in concerts, to meet wonderful people, to compare yourself with various musicians from other countries. The Academy itself has a really good atmosphere, mostly because of the staff's expertise. It is the right place to improve your musician`s skills.


Marco Martuccio – Italy / piano

The geographical location of the Academy of ''Cenacolo della Musica" allows you a daily profound dedication to studies, which is an absolute necessity for any musician who wishes to find the deeper meaning of music.



Yuri Sablone – Italy / piano

The Academy gives a possibility to practise at any time of day and night and to have a proper musical education with the greatest teachers, to have the possibility to meet personally, to talk directly to and play for the figures in classical music who have shaped the story of the world music, to have an opportunity to perform in concerts, to have a great team assisting you and to be part of a great musical project, to have an opportunity to teach beginning musicians the beauty and magic of music…it is a dream of every musician, it is my dream that Cenacolo della Musica has been created.


Maria Miele – Italy / cello

A rare occasion that Cenacolo della Musica was established in a country where, unfortunately, few investments have been made in this wonderful art. It is a great opportunity to fully enjoy music, which is possible not only due to the family atmosphere of the village of Catignano, but mostly thanks to Maestro ,G. Mazzoccante, who, with his enthusiasm, invites you to enter into this wonderful world of music and enjoy all its shades - from purely artistic to human and share them with other students of the Academy.







Maria Tsulimova – Russia / piano

"Cenacolo della Musica" ! It is an incredible opportunity for young and perspective musicians to increase their level of professionalism, and ,taking part in master-classes, to adopt the skills of the most famous musicians of the world. It is also an open space for public performances in numerous concerts, which are always full of interested audiences, lovers of classical music. That speaks for the deepness of the soul of the audience and is very important for young musicians. Obviously, such precious experience is achieved during conversations with famous professors at their lessons . Young talents have a possibility to listen to the performance of grand musicians at their solo performances. Very important incentives are competitions in which students take part.

In Cenacolo there is an extremely warm and friendly atmosphere, the basis of which, is love of music. The location has a considerable influence on thoughtful and purposeful work, a small city Catignano that is surrounded by picturesque nature (mountains) and located close to the sea.

For work, emotional and spiritual impact, love of work and high professionalism – special thanks to Artistic Director of Cenacolo ,Giuliano Mazzoccante, and all the team that is involved in the organization of events and activities of Cenacolo, and also that creates comfortable conditions for studies and creative development!!!

Apart from lessons with young musicians, lessons for small kids are organized,as well. The main objective of such lessons is to instill love for music. The role of the pedagogue in education of the younger generation, formation of a personality, expansion of horizons is enormous! For young musicians it is a possibility of gaining experience as a teacher.

The friendly team of Cenacolo is full of creative energy, enthusiasm and ambitious plans for the future!

I hope that activities of Cenacolo will thrive in future by expanding the friends` network because music is spiritual food for people!


Simone De Baptistis – Italy / piano

“Cenacolo della Musica” is like a big family in which all participants have the main common interest - music. It is a very ambitious project, and although born recently , it has already reached an international level. It offers great job opportunities, both in teaching and concert careers (solo and chamber) in Italy and in foreign countries. And it gives a possibility for musical improvement with Mro. ,Giuliano Mazzoccante, and other great masters from various parts of the world. I think that all Abruzzo should be proud of “Cenacolo della Musica”. For me, it is a joy and an honor to be part of it!





Carlo Michini – Italy / piano

Heart, passion, art ...

But also strategies, projects, future ... all that, if you live in Cenacolo della Musica.

A dimension where the line between dreams and reality is very thin, a place where the office of Maestro ,Mazzoccante, and the work of his staff will help you understand the true meaning of being a musician nowadays.

A mission, that makes them unique in the current situation of todays’ musical world.

A reality, in front of which we can only say THANK YOU.


Carmelo Di Girolamo – Italy / piano

Cenacolo della Musica is the best way to believe in the future of music: the concept is to make music a job for each student. Studying all the time, working, taking part in concerts and/or competitions, master-classes, and a possibility to create your own project, supported by the organization. All powered by my mentor M°, Giuliano Mazzoccante, Fabrizio and Massimo Berini, Director and management. Special thanks to them for their passion for this project. I will always support them and Cenacolo della Musica. 







Amalia Asia Di Gianvittorio – Italy / piano

Cenacolo della Musica is an international academy of high specialization, which gives an opportunity for young musicians to have a professional future full of joy and satisfaction. I feel fantastic over there as the atmosphere is outstanding. The staff of Cenacolo organizes international master-classes with world-renowned professors, in which I have a possibility to take part, and, in some of them I had the opportunity to play together with young musicians from around the world. As part of the activities that the Academy offers is the ability to perform in concerts in Italy and abroad. I already had an opportunity to perform in a concert in Malta. It was a fantastic experience, which I shared with a colleague of mine ,a Russian pianist, enrolled with the Cenacolo della Musica. We, the students of Cenacolo, are very united and get on well together as a big family. It is a real fortune to study with Maestro, Giuliano Mazzoccante, a pianist and amazing teacher!


Belle Ting – Taiwan / violin

In Cenacolo della Musica there was one of the most enjoyable and intensive master classes that I have been to!
Catignano is a warm and welcoming village, and the beautiful environment in the mountains is very inspiring! The professors are all highly dedicated and wonderful musicians, with extremely individual personalities and teaching methods. In addition, the chance to meet and work with many other talented musicians is always great fun and an enriching experience!

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