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Why Cenacolo

The main target of "Cenacolo della Musica", trademark Ass. Orme, is to enhance and expand “classical music" internationally.

For the management of Cenacolo, “classical music” does not only mean the actual performance of the musician on the stage, but mainly it is the work related to the organization of the events, artists` management, marketing, public relations, communication, website and social network management, musical education, logistics, mobility, search for sponsors and collaborators, cataloging music books, concerts, sale of music instruments, production and publishing music materials, discography, etc.

Cenacolo is an ideal place for a musician of any discipline to:

  • Have a 24-hour access to the auditoriums and instruments and practise their musical skills in an ambient and peaceful atmosphere in the beautiful natural surroundings of Abruzzo region;
  • Prepare for concerts, exams, competitions and festivals;
  • Have master-classes with Mro., Mazzoccante ,and many other world-known musicians who are often invited as guest professors;
  • Do an internship as music teachers of the basic or intermediate courses at one of the schools of Cenacolo;
  • Further career management, which includes the organization of concerts in Italy, other European states and worldwide, website and social network management, mass-media marketing etc.;
  • For younger people, Cenacolo is a way to discover their talents and study music from the level of beginners to continuous growth and self-development. 


Who We Are

In 2012, a group of friends, namely,a very famous Italian pianist and professor, Giuliano Mazzoccante, a journalist and marketing specialist, Massimo Berini, and administrator and financial specialist, Fabrizio Berini, with very limited resources, but driven by “healthy madness” and love of the beautiful, decided to achieve their dream, “Make classical music a profession”.

Currently ,the dream has come true and, from a group of friends, it has developed into a highly professional and well-organized team that offers a musician of any discipline, any level and any age a full range of services; a team that looks after every aspect of daily activities of a musician; a team that promotes classical music from the young age; a team that organizes national and international master-classes, concerts, festivals and competitions including artistic ones, logistics, marketing management and others; a team that has built strong relationship with other organizations, attracted sponsors and collaborators and continues its development.

“Cenacolo della Musica” is a real and proper network of “classical music”, which is almost unique in Italy and within very few other countries in Europe.

Academy of Cenacolo

The Academy of Cenacolo gives a possibility to study and prepare for exams, concerts, competitions and attend the course of Maestro, Giuliano Mazzoccante, Artistic Director of Cenacolo.

Besides, many internationally acclaimed artists come to Cenacolo to give master-classes annually : Alexander Kobrin (piano), Karl Leister (clarinet), Dora Schwarzberg (violin), Nikita Fitenko (piano), Pavel Berman (violin), Leonardo De Angelis (guitar), Andreas Frolich (piano), Alexander Hülshoff (cello), Nina Tichman (piano), Yuri Didenko (piano), Antonio Tinelli (clarinet), Romain Garioud (cello), Maurizio Scarfeo (vocal), Juan Lago (piano), Leonel Morales (piano), Alessandra De Luca (modern song), Valentina Berman (piano), Nunzio Fazzini (vocal), Gaetano Di Bacco (saxophone), Patrick De Ritis (bassoon), Dante Milozzi (flute), Antonio Pantaleo (guitar) and others.

The Academy has modern, newly furbished apartments, where students can reside for shorter or longer periods, depending on the purpose of their stay.


Where We Are

The Academy of Cenacolo della Musica is located in a small town Catignano in the Province of Pescara in the Abruzzo region of Italy.

The region is known as “the greenest region in Europe”, full of national parks and protected nature reserves and is located in central Italy, stretching from the heart of the Apennines to the Adriatic Sea, and includes mainly a mountainous and wild land.


Abbey of Santa Irene

Cenacolo particularly boasts of the historical site of Abbey of St. Irene. It offers a possibility to practice for hours without worrying about noise late at night. All the classrooms are equipped with pianos and everything that is required for studies in complete peace. The surrounding environment is full of greenery and tranquility and is ideal for preparing for exams, competitions and festivals.

For instance, Mro. Mazzoccante usually devotes hours and days to study and prepare for his big events and concerts in complete calmness in St. Irene.


Basic Courses

The “School of Cenacolo” offers basic courses held within the school complexes for all disciplines on an elementary and intermediate levels. Locations: Catignano (PE), Nocciano (PE), Chieti Scalo, Francavilla al Mare (CH) and Chieti alta.

Those students, who have stayed at the Academy for at least one year, have an opportunity to get a traineeship at the “School of Cenacolo”. In addition to getting a great experience, the students will enjoy other benefits, e.g., their hours of work will be deducted proportionally from the academic and accommodation fees of the Academy. That is a winning formula that allows them to study with great artists and pay for their master-classes teaching the beginners.



"CENACOLO DELLA MUSICA - International School" - C.da Grotte Cappuccini snc - 65011 CATIGNANO (PE)

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